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Faraz Entessari :

Visual Artist, Faraz Entessari
Artist, Faraz Entessari
Faraz Entessari
Faraz Entessari, was born on May 27, 1983. Although currently living in Bologna, Italy, he  graduated in classical Persian music (Iranian) at the University “Azad” in Tehran (2006).  He perfeziononato tool “tar” with Mo. Dariush Pirniakan (2000-2010). Since he studied the repertoire of the Mo. Mirza Hossein  Qoli (1854-1916 Tehran) and idomatico repertoire and style of Mo. Ali Akbar shahnazi (son of Mo. Hossein Qoli. Tehran 1897-1985). Approfofondisce parallel to the classical repertoire of music by prof. Majid Kiani (2001-2008).
Since 2006, explores the musical philology at his studio instrumental (masters Hossein Qoli and shahnazi) Mo also. QHBigjeh Khani (1918-1987 Tabriz) and the research of the repertoire of the classical masters and singing Mo. Eqbal Azar (1870-1971 Tabriz).
In 2010, in Tehran published a collection of his work as a solo CD covering the styles of the 3 masters Hossein Qoli, shahnazi, Bigjeh Khani.
In 2012 in Italy (in Trino – Felmay) the album  Esfahan  with Fabio Tricomi where apart from classical songs and soloists, is the first experience of the composition.
Since 2010, he studied music at the University of DAMS-University of Bologna.